Fruit Butters!

What is this delicious tasting "butter" we are talking about?

Simply put, fruit butters are similar to jams and jellies, however they don't have pectin or other additives that turn it into a jelly constancy. Plus fruit butters have less sugar than most jams or jellies! The reason they are called butter, is because they spread like butter, very smooth. They do not include any amount of butter or dairy products in them. I know that makes it confusing, but I promise, no dairy is included in my fruit butters*.


How do you use Fruit Butters?

Think about your favorite food... It's okay, I'll wait. 

Now think about putting fruit butter on it. Yup, just like that you have figured out how to use fruit butter. Essentially you can put it on anything you want. Most commonly, we see things like biscuits, pancakes, toast, waffles, ice cream and even marinade for meat! 

*Cookie butter may contain milk products, please look at ingredients before purchasing if you have an allergy.