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About Us

going back to my roots

Growing up, my mom and I would wait in line at the peach truck in anticipation for our box of delicious peaches from Georgia. Once home, we could select the very best peaches for our homemade peach butter. Standing next to my mom as she taught me how to peel, pit and add the right ingredients for peach butter, we made memories. I loved making peach butter with my mom, and have done it as often as I could.

In 2019, I had returned to Indiana, after four long years away with my husband serving in the U.S. Air Force, I once more stood in line to get my very own box of peaches. This batch, however, was given out as gifts, and kept close to home. 


The following year, I secured a booth at the Pittsboro Farmers Market in Indiana. I started with my special peach butter, knowing I would knock it out of the park. Not only did I do that, but I started FruitButters.com that year.