Got Questions?
You came to the right place!

This is the place you need to be if you have questions. Questions about fruit butters, how we run our business and much more. We hope this page is fruitful in every way possible!

What is a "fruit butter"?

Simply put, fruit butters are similar to jams and jellies, however they don't have pectin or other additives that turn it into a jelly constancy. Plus fruit butters have less sugar than most jams or jellies! The reason they are called butter, is because they spread like butter, very smooth. They do not include any amount of butter or dairy products in them. I know that makes it confusing, but I promise, no dairy is included in my fruit butters.


What do you put fruit butters on?

Think about your favorite food... It's okay, I'll wait. 

Now think about putting fruit butter on it. Yup, just like that you have figured out how to use fruit butter. Essentially you can put it on anything you want. Most commonly, we see things like biscuits, pancakes, toast, waffles, ice cream and even marinade for meat! 


When will I get my Order?

This is a complicated situation, if it is IN STOCK, then within 7 to 10 days after you order. However, if you order a product that is in the PRE-ORDER stage, then you have a little bit of a wait ahead of you. We produce our fruit butter only when fruit is in season. For example, Apricots are finally ripe and ready to pick in June. So, we wait until June to get our apricots and then make our delectable Hippie's Dream (lavender apricot butter). Once made, we ship! Then it goes back to the 7 to 10 days.


What does "pre-order" mean?

Great question! Pre-ordering our product is grabbing our fruit butters before it is even in stock. What this means for you, is when you place a pre-order, we stash it in our little pocket book. Then when our freshly picked fruit are delivered to our door, we quickly whip up a yummy batch of fruit butter and then send it on it's way to your home! Since we only produce our fruit butter when the fruit is in season, you can pre-order when our next season is coming up, or wait until the next year if we are out of stock. 


Why do you only use fruit in season?

This is what truly sets us apart. We love the taste of fresh fruit picked of the bush, or tree it is grown on. Taking the freshest of fruit to make our fruit butters, lets those fruit truly shine and the flavor like none other. We know you can get certain fruits year round, but those fruits are normally picked way before they are ready so that the fruit do not rot on the way to the store near you. Which means they don't have the flavor or taste of a fruit that is in season. 


What can I do if you are out of stock?

Simple, sign up for our email list! We email out when our fruit butters are finally able pre-order and in stock.


Where can I order?

Thank you so much for wanting to support us. Please click this link and it will take you directly to our shop. There you can see what is in stock, what is available for pre-order and what future fruit butters will be available soon!


How long does fruit butter last?

Unopened: 2 years

Opened: Well, that depends on your cravings. If you can resist the call to eat your fruit butter, you have about 2 months before mold starts to eat it for you.

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