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Hippie's Dream

Lavender Apricot Butter 

A hint of lavender is all that is needed for this butter to reach into a hippy's dream grab an apricot and fall on your homemade multi-grain toast.


Queen of Berries

Strawberry Butter

Truly the one that wears the crown. A strong strawberry flavor pairs well with any pancake at your table.

Image by Annie Spratt

Rhubie Gem

Rhubarb Butter

Have the gem of a jar enter your life and dazzle you with the wonderful tart flavor of rhubarb.


Fresh Peaches

Sweet Georgia

Peach Butter

Peach cobbler, peach pie filling or peach perfect. Do we need to say more? 

Image by Maria Siriano

Fairy Spread

Plum Butter

The plums are spreading its wings to add a little more sugar and glitter onto your toast.

Organic Blueberries

Chase the Blues Away

Blueberry Butter

Chase the blues away into your mouth. With a strong flavor of blueberry, we are all fans of this one.



Tempting Curves

Pear Butter

Are you pre-pear-ed for fall yet? We hope so. The sweet taste of this curvy fruit makes an incredible butter

Image by archi archiba

Eve's Delight

Apple Butter

Eve couldn't resist. Just one jar is all it takes to fall for this butter again and again.     

Image by Melanie Dijkstra

Autumn Gold

Pumpkin Butter

The season of pumpkin is upon us. Fall right into the flavor we all know and love during this season.

Award Winning (1).png
State Fair
Award Winning



The Tart Santa

Cranberry Apple Butter

Santa's favorite tart butter was delivered gift wrapped with a bow. Now we are sharing it with you.

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