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  • Eve's Delight

    Apple Butter


    Eve's Delight Apple Butter - Orchards of Simplicity and Sweetness!

    Celebrate the harmony of nature's bounty with our Eve's Delight Apple Butter – a symphony of locally grown apples that weave together to create the perfect balance of sweetness, reminiscent of the purest apple cider. It's a jar of comfort that captures the essence of a serene orchard and the embrace of wholesome indulgence.


    🍎 Orchard Embrace - A Medley of Locally Grown Apples 🍎 Embark on a journey through flourishing orchards with each delightful spoonful of Eve's Delight. Crafted from a tapestry of approximately 15 different apple varieties, this apple butter encapsulates the true essence of local flavors, creating a melody of tastes that dances on your palate.

    🍏 Cider-like Sweetness - A Nectar of Nostalgia 🍏 Close your eyes and relish the whisper of autumn's embrace as you savor the cider-like sweetness of Eve's Delight. Each bite encapsulates the magic of crisp apples at their peak, stirred with a touch of nostalgia that mirrors the cherished memories of enjoying freshly pressed apple cider on a golden afternoon.


    Eve's Delight Apple Butter is a taste of simpler times, a journey to orchards of tranquility, and a tribute to the timeless beauty of locally grown goodness.




    Ingredients: Apple, Honey, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cloves, Organic Allspice, Organic Cardamom, Organic Lime Juice, Himalayan Salt

    Eve's Delight

    • With as many locally sourced items and organic items as possible, Fruit Butters LLC has guaranteed the best fruit butters you can get. We hold our fruit butters to the highest standards and plan to deliver on our word. 

      Every butter, even the same flavor, will turn out just a little bit different. They will all have the right ingredients, but with each season, the fruit comes with unpredicted weather patterns amongst other factors that will have the fruit change flavor just a little bit. 

      All of our fruit butters are dairy free, some are vegan, and all are gluten free! Check out each product description to know which of our products best fits your preference.

      How to use fruit butters:

      • On toast, biscuit, pancakes or waffles

      • In your favorite smoothie

      • On cheesecake

      • Filling for your cake

      • Spoonful in Rice pudding, yogurt or oatmeal

      • Ice cream topper

      • Bake in a tart, cookie or doughnut filler

      • Use as marmalaide for your meat (chicken, steak, wings and more!)

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