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  • Tempting Curves

    Vanilla-Spiced Pear Butter


    Tempting Curves Pear Butter - Elegance in Every Bite!

    Indulge in the seductive allure of our Tempting Curves Pear Butter ā€“ a delicacy that embraces the voluptuous sweetness of pears and transforms them into a velvety symphony of flavor. Like a work of art, each jar is a testament to the elegance and beauty that nature provides.


    šŸ Pear Perfection - A Sensual Blend of Sweetness šŸ Savor the exquisite taste of perfectly ripe pears, captured and transformed into a luxurious butter that teases your palate with every spoonful. Tempting Curves celebrates the fullness of flavor that pears offer, inviting you to relish their succulence and the captivating notes that linger on your taste buds.


    šŸŽØ A Culinary Canvas - From Sweet to Savory Creations šŸŽØ Unlock your culinary creativity with Tempting Curves Pear Butter as your muse. Its smooth consistency and indulgent flavor make it a versatile companion for both sweet and savory dishes. Whether layered on toast, drizzled over grilled meats, or paired with artisanal cheeses, it adds an element of sophistication to every plate.


    šŸŒŸ Nature's Elegance, Handcrafted šŸŒŸ Tempting Curves Pear Butter is a testament to nature's innate beauty. Handcrafted with care, it honors the contours of pears and the artistry of their taste. With every bite, you're tasting the elegance of orchard-fresh pears, transformed into a butter that embodies the essence of refinement.


    Tempting Curves Pear Butter is not just a spread; it's a journey into the world of nature's elegance, an invitation to indulge in the beauty of simplicity, and a celebration of the luscious allure of pears.






    Ingredients: Pears, Organic Cane Sugar, Water, Organic Lemon Juice, Vanilla Extract, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cardamom, Organic Nutmeg, Himalayan Salt

    Tempting Curves

    • With as many locally sourced items and organic items as possible, Fruit Butters LLC has guarenteed the best fruit butters you can get. We hold our fruit butters to the highest standards and plan to deliver on our word. 

      Every butter, even the same flavor, will turn out just a little bit different. They will all have the right ingredients, but with each season, the fruit has unpredicted weather patterns amongst other factors that will have the fruit change flavor just a little bit. 

      How to use fruit butters:

      • On toast, biscuit, pancakes or waffles
      • In your favorite smoothie
      • On cheesecake
      • Filling for your cake
      • Spoonful in Rice pudding, yogurt or oatmeal
      • Ice cream topper
      • Bake in a tart, cookie or doughnut filler
      • Use as marmalaide for your meat (chicken, steak, wings and more!)

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