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  • Rhubie Gem

    Rhubarb Butter


    Rhubie Gem Rhubarb Butter - Tangy Temptation in a Jar!

    Embark on a tantalizing journey of flavors with our Rhubie Gem, Rhubarb Butter – a gem that balances the bold thrill of tartness with the sweet embrace of satisfaction. Just like the first burst of a sour patch candy followed by its delightful sweetness, Rhubie Gem takes your taste buds on an unforgettable rollercoaster ride.

    🍬 Sour Patch Serenade - A Bold Twist of Tartness! 🍬 Indulge in the zesty allure of sun-ripened rhubarb, masterfully crafted into a butter that captures the exhilarating tang of your favorite sour treats. With each spoonful, your senses will awaken to a symphony of tartness that dances on your palate, setting the stage for a uniquely thrilling culinary experience.

    🍭 The Sweet Crescendo - A Whimsical Transition to Sweetness! 🍭 As the initial tartness retreats, the enchanting sweetness of Rhubie Gem takes center stage, just like the surprise twist in a candy you can't resist. This transition from tangy to sweet is where the true magic happens – a harmonious blend of flavors that leave you craving one more bite, one more moment of pure delight.

    🌟 Taste the Balance - Bigger Jar, Bigger Bliss! 🌟 We proudly introduce the large (8oz) jar of Rhubie Gem, Rhubarb Butter and small (4oz) jar, a jar that holds more of the exquisite balance you love.  Elevate your culinary escapades with our larger 8oz jar, a jar that promises not just a butter, but an experience worth savoring.

    Capture the essence of the rhubarb's journey from sour to sweet in every dollop of Rhubie Gem. Let this irresistible gem become your new guilty pleasure, your kitchen companion that never fails to astonish. Unlock the world of tangy sophistication and satisfy your cravings with Rhubie Gem Rhubarb Butter today!

    Ingredients: Rhubarb, Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Ground Cardamom, Organic Lemon Juice, Himalayan Salt




    Rhubie Gem

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    • With as many locally sourced items and organic items as possible, Fruit Butters LLC has guarenteed the best fruit butters you can get. We hold our fruit butters to the highest standards and plan to deliver on our word. 

      Every butter, even the same flavor, will turn out just a little bit different. They will all have the right ingredients, but each season, the fruit comes with  weather changes amongst other factors that will have the fruit change flavor just a little bit. 

      All of our fruit butters are dairy free, some are vegan, and all are gluten free! Check out each product description to know which of our products best fits your preference.

      How to use fruit butters:

      • On toast, biscuit, pancakes or waffles
      • In your favorite smoothie
      • On cheesecake
      • Filling for your cake
      • Spoonful in Rice pudding, yogurt or oatmeal
      • Ice cream topper
      • Bake in a tart, cookie or doughnut filler
      • Use as marmalaide for your meat (chicken, steak, wings and more!)

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